Tim Henman

Britain’s Tim Henman trains ‘ball dogs’ for Wimbledon

Britain's Tim Henman trains 'ball dogs' for Wimbledon in this fun short video featuring Esme Frenchie, Agatha Basset, Sterling Vizla, Iraida Afghan & Joey Spaniel!
Worcesters latest TV commercial

Worcester’s TV commercial

Bonnie got the call back to star in the video for the latest hit song by Jamie Lawson - "I wasn't expecting that".
Esme French Bull Dog

Esme the French Bulldog Rehearses for ‘Kill Your Friends’ movie

Esme rehearses sniffing 'cocaine'.   Esme rehearses…

Portfolio Items

Pandora is a five year old french bulldog She has a little brother bear who is an old tyme bulldog. She is paralysed from the waist down and so is in a wheelchair She is able to move around with and without the chair and her personality is as bold as ever

Delilar the French Bulldog

She is a cutest loving most beautifulest 4-month old French Bulldog I've ever seen she gives the most lot of loving she loves the outdoors and she loves her food and treats

Bentley the French Bulldog

Bentley is a young puppy. He is only 10 weeks old and only joined our family 2 weeks ago. I am training him now and excited to teach him tricks etc He is due to have his 12 week/2nd injection on 1st April so then he will be allowed to start walks :)
Monty the French Bulldog

Monty the French Bulldog

Understudy on an TV advert for a new Ford 4×4 car. He is good with children. He prefers to work on his own rather than with other dogs. He’s a gorgeous and very friendly dog and he loves everyone he meets!!
Esme the French Bulldog

Esme the French Bulldog

Esme stars in the film production ‘Kill your friends’, in cinemas November 2016. She is highly trainable and responds very quickly. She is an incredibly good actress and follows the action of the film.
Frank the French Bulldog

Frank the French Bulldog

Frank is a very loving and kind Frenchie, he loves sitting on anyone’s lap and getting pet. However, he also loves playing with a ball and with the 2 other dogs he lives with. He gets on very well with anyone and everyone as well.
Louise the French Bulldog

Louis the French Bulldog