Royal Wedding Photos

House of Fraser Royal Wedding Campaign

House of Fraser are celebrating the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with this fab new marketing campaign. It features Frazer Great Dane, Missy Bulldog and Edward Pembroke Corgi.
NexGard 2017 TV Commercial

NexGard 2017 TV Commercial

This all-star cast includes Esme French Bull dog, Peanut miniature Dachshund, Enzo Bassett Fauve de Bretagne, Nina Lurcher, Siri and Jones Terrier-cross.
Best in Town

Doggie hairdos in this TV promo

Iraida the Afghan stars in this promo campaign for the BBC's funny new reality show Best In Town.
George Bull Dog Ugly Fruit

Portfolio Items

Ronnie the Bulldog

Ronnie the Bulldog

Ronnie is a lovely dog. An excellent breed of a bulldog. He is used to children and other animals. Never shown any aggression. Loves travelling in cars. A joy to be with
Charles  the Bulldog

Charles the Bulldog

Charles is a very charismatic and never shy of showing his tongue. Charles is very friendly and loves affection and attention from everyone. He loves walks, playing with sticks, sunbathing and soaking in attention. Charles has under gone some training for recall, stay and lead. He obeys for treats.
Bear the Bulldog

Bear the Bulldog

Bear is a very chilled out pup who takes everything in his stride. He loves everyone and everything especially other doggies! He has been well socialised and loves going in the car and even coming to the gym with me! He knows he is very handsome x