Ring Pop Puppies Advert

Ring Pop Puppies Advert

Milo Jack Russell takes centre stage on this commercial for Ring Pop Puppies!
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Bella the Jack Russell Terrier

Meet Bella she is a Jack Russel cross beagle which is a jackabee she is great with kids as I have a disabled autistic daughter shes very friendly and extremely energetic

Ruby the Jack Russell Terrier

Knows sit, stay... Although young she is very confident and happy to go off with strangers
JackJack  the Jack Russell Terrier

JackJack the Jack Russell Terrier

Jack (aka JackJack) is a people-magnet. He attracts admiring looks from men, women and children alike. His markings- especially his ears - are frequently remarked upon. People seem entranced by him! JackJack is a very cheerful, cheeky and sweet-natured dog. JackJack does the perfect 'Nipper' head tilt, which everyone finds adorable. His face is very expressive - deep frowns and a quizzical, surprised or shocked look are his speciality. He also does a mean 'I've-been-naughty' look! I really like his ears when there's a breeze- they seem to gently float. JackJack is a novice but always willing to throw himself in the deep end and is quick on the uptake. He is quite fearless not easily spooked. Unlike many Jack Russells JackJack is playful yet placid and uncomplaining. I've owned many dogs over the years and JackJack is something special. He taught himself to open the kitchen door at six months old - I thought I was going mad until I witnessed him jump up, pull down the handle and push the door open... He has a beautiful play bow and loves to jump backwards and roll over in play. JackJack definitely has charisma!
Mac the Jack Russell Terrier

Mac the Jack Russell Terrier

Mac is a 11 month old Jack Russel cross. He can sit, lie down, paw, bark on command and high five. He loves jumping and likes doing little courses he can also jump up to 3ft. He is an extremely intelligent, friendly boy who loves learning new tricks for a treat. He has a lovely laid back temperament but can also be lively and fun when he needs to be. He is great with children and loves it when they come visit him. He is a very playful boy and loves going out for his walks and playing fetch with his tennis ball. He is friendly to all people and animals especially his sister Luna who is a cat. Mac also loves going on road trips and being in the car, he will get in and out of the car on his own.
Muddle  the Jack Russell Terrier

Muddle the Jack Russell Terrier

Muddle’s a very bright, confident and friendly pup who oozes character. She’s actually a Jack Russell x Shi Tzu, which accounts for her unique look. She’s super intelligent and learns new commands quickly. Muddle goes to both Tricks and Obedience Classes where she’s expanding her repertoire all the time. At 19 months, Muddle can do a range of commands with visual, unspoken cues, including Sit, Down, Wait, Roll Over, Wave, Spin and Speak. She can also, High Five, Give Paw (both left & right), Beg, Touch, lay with her head on her paws and Push objects. She’s just as happy sitting in boxes and cases as she is standing on them. Muddle’s confident in new surroundings and in many situations; in crowds, around animals (including large ones such as horses), and is equally at home in the countryside as she is in town; inside an office or car, or out in a field. She’s also just as happy being cuddled and carried as she is trotting alongside you. She loves having her photo taken is very good to work with. Muddle’s an all round adorable, inquisitive, happy little girl with a unique look. She has her Pet Passport and has travelled to Europe.
Mr jones  the Jack Russell Terrier

Mr jones the Jack Russell Terrier

Mr jones is a very loving and playful dog! He loves people and going on walks with his other dog companions and playing with balls. He is very good at training as he loves to learn and eat treats too.
Troy  the Jack Russell Terrier

Troy the Jack Russell Terrier

Troy is a very active dog and very obedient. He learns quite complex procedure very quickly. He has understudied for an ADT advert in the US. He is currently working on ‘Britain’s Favourite Dogs’ for ITV.
Milo the Jack Russell Terrier

Milo the Jack Russell Terrier

Milo is a very loving Jack Russell, he loves people, loves food and generally life itself, he's very obedient especially if there's food involved. He can sit and stay very well, roll over, jump, bark, spin, fetch and even howl sometimes! Milo is very good around kids too, especially if they give him treats. When he was a puppy he did a mulberry shoot for one of their handbags, he had to sit and stay for that one, he did very well with that, even though there was lots going on around him.