Never Fully Dressed

Never Fully Dressed Commercial

Hugo Dalmatian stars in this commercial for 'Never Fully Dressed'. Hugo was a huge hit with the Made in Chelsea Cast and Crew, strutting his stuff with Sophie.
Pierce Brosnan Aquascutum Shoot

Portfolio Items

Topaz the Dalmatian

Topaz is a young playful puppy that is willing to please. He has a blue pigment in his eye that distinguishes him from his brother

Daphne the Dalmatian

Daphne is just a single girl, moved to the city, spending her days walking through Hyde Park, meeting and greeting all of her fans and exploring for fascinating scents and playing in the Autumn leafs. Daphne gets an unbelievable amount of attention wherever she goes. She is a very excitable and bright puppy. She is learning quickly, adapting to new situations and taking London by storm.

Chloe the Dalmatian