Never Fully Dressed

Never Fully Dressed Commercial

Hugo Dalmatian stars in this commercial for 'Never Fully Dressed'. Hugo was a huge hit with the Made in Chelsea Cast and Crew, strutting his stuff with Sophie.
Pierce Brosnan Aquascutum Shoot

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Reggie the Dalmatian

Reggie is a friendly, kind natured young Dalmatian. He loves learning new tricks and commands and can pick things up really quickly. Reggie has done a few photo shoots locally both outside and inside a studio so is used to equipment including camera flashes and a larger team of people. Reggie is friendly and good with other dogs and children. Please see list of commands below; -sit -stay -down/lie -paw/other paw -high 5/on both paws -spin -circle (waking around a person) -weaving between legs -bow
HUGO the Dalmatian

Hugo the Dalmatian

My Name is Hugo , I have 11 brothers and sisters, born in Kent and now live in Berkshire, I have a friend called Chester , a springer spaniel, he was much bigger than me when I came to live with him, but I now tower above him. You can see me on the TV. I have been in a few adverts already. Never Fully Dressed a clothing ad, working with Sophie from Made In Chelsea, also UK TV ad, working with Dennis Waterman, Pam Ferris, Martin Shaw. It was great fun.