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Mr Scraps Saves the Day

Called in literally hours before filming was due to start,…
NexGard 2017 TV Commercial

NexGard 2017 TV Commercial

This all-star cast includes Esme French Bull dog, Peanut miniature Dachshund, Enzo Bassett Fauve de Bretagne, Nina Lurcher, Siri and Jones Terrier-cross.

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Max the Lurcher

Max the Lurcher

He can roll and over over several times, he can 'hide' his face between his paws, he can shut the back door and understands 'properly'. He can look in the direction you point and knows what 'behind you' means. He can jump up and over and cross the road to heel without a lead. He cocks/his head when you say 'walk' or 'park' in a certain way. He loves all other dogs and has won awards at dog shows.
Tottie Bulldog

Tottie the Bulldog

Nina Lurcher

Nina Small Lurcher