DWP Pension Wise Ad

DWP Pension Wise Ad

Featuring Porter the Bloodhound.  
Philips Razor

Philips SensoTouch 3D UK TV Ad Square Jaw

Bonnie got the call back to star in the video for the latest hit song by Jamie Lawson - "I wasn't expecting that".
Best in Town

Doggie hairdos in this TV promo

Iraida the Afghan stars in this promo campaign for the BBC's funny new reality show Best In Town.
Hugger Bichon and Ellie poodle Slaves Album Cover

Portfolio Items

Creed  the Poodle

Creed the Poodle

11 month old Brindle Standard poodle puppy named Creed. Based in Essex (But can travel) Can sit, lay down & give paw. Gentle and kind gentle giant! Love the camera (and treats!)
Ruby the Poodle

Ruby the Poodle

Ruby is very clever and easy to teach she is a browny red poochon and the daughter of my other dog. She often gets mistaken for a teddy bear as she is so cute . She is browny / red,soft and curly. She is very energetic and loves people and being centre of attention and if ignored she constantly paws you until she gets a reaction and she is a very loyal loving dog.
Crumble the Poodle

Crumble the Poodle

Crumble is an extremely cute and friendly Toy Poodle and absolutely loves cuddles! She is no stranger to performing as she has recently appeared in Nativity the musical at Hammersmith Apollo. She is a little twinkle toes and loves dancing on her back paws. Everyone who meets her says she is adorable and that she looks like a little teddy bear with her beautiful soft fur and caramel coloured ears. We are absolutely besotted with her, she is incredibly loving and brings so much joy into our household.