Harry Styles Kiwi

Pups star in Harry Styles music video – Kiwi

Our lovely pups star in Harry Styles latest music video 'Kiwi'. …

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luna the Weimaraner

Luna is a 4 yr old weimaraner bitch that i have trained extensively to work in country sports and to the gun. She is a keen working dog, and is trained to be around livestock, including sheep, cows, horses, chickens, ducks and all manner of game birds. she happy to retrieve anything from gamebirds and training dummies right through to items of clothing and the shoes left available to her around the house. Luna is a keen and very strong swimmer capable of retrieving everything asked of her from water. She has grown up around small children, having arrived with me after my brothers son turned one years old so is calm, patient and kind with children of all ages. We also have another dog at home, and she spends considerable time with other dogs when competing in working tests, at training classes and out in the shooting field. I have done a small amount of work in film/tv as an extra and Luna has been used in photoshoots for magazine articles, and for promotional material for a local holiday let.