Kurio Watch

Kurio Watch Ad

Ernie Pug stars in this TV commercial for Kurio Watch. Buy…
Ernie the Pug Reindeer

The Entertainer - Disney Frozen Northern Lights TV Advert

Ernie the Pug dons the reindeer antlers in this Christmas commercial for Disney's Frozen Northern Lights.
Max Factor Ad

Stella Maxwell and Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation Ad

Ernie Pug gets a cuddle from Stella Maxwell in this commercial for Max Factor.
Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism Film

Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnotism Film

Lola the Pug stars in 'Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnotism'. Buy…

Portfolio Items

Bean the Pug

Bean the Pug

Bean is a five-month old pug. He is very well-behaved and learns new tricks very quickly, he learned "sit" after about three attempts. Bean is confident in new places and he's not afraid of new people. He's friendly with other dogs and has been well socialised in puppy classes. He doesn't chase cats. So far he knows, sit, down, wait, come, paw and high five. We are still teaching him new tricks. Bean is a black pug but has a white stripe down his chest in a bone shape, which we are sure will become very cute and iconic. He is a lovely little character.
Pug Molly Moon

Lola the Pug

Lola the Pug appeared in 'Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnotism' film.