Kurio Watch

Kurio Watch Ad

Ernie Pug stars in this TV commercial for Kurio Watch. Buy…
Ernie the Pug Reindeer

The Entertainer - Disney Frozen Northern Lights TV Advert

Ernie the Pug dons the reindeer antlers in this Christmas commercial for Disney's Frozen Northern Lights.
Max Factor Ad

Stella Maxwell and Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation Ad

Ernie Pug gets a cuddle from Stella Maxwell in this commercial for Max Factor.
Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism Film

Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnotism Film

Lola the Pug stars in 'Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnotism'. Buy…

Portfolio Items

Angel the Pug

Angel the Pug

Angel is 11 weeks old and is very playful and enjoys interacting with other dogs. She loves loads of cuddles and is very affectionate towards people. Angel is working on sitting and giving paw and is hoping to develop more skills as she gets older.
Lola the Pug

Lola the Pug

Lola the Pug appeared in ‘Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnotism’ film. She has also appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh show. She is very fast at learning; during the filming of Alan’s show she learnt to play the piano!
Stan the Pug

Stan the Pug

Stan is a loving and cuddly pug who is always wanting time to play and to sleep. He is a massive lover of food and will do anything for a piece of food. He loves other dogs and will play with them for hours whether they are big or small.
Boris J  the Pug

Boris J the Pug

Boris J is an ice white pug, very rare and comes from a kennels in Germany which has a four year waiting list. Boris J is also a KC registered stud dog. Temperament Boris J is very friendly, confident and very used to being in the spot light. He is well trained and will listen to commands and stay in the required camera positions he is very used to working to instructions and modelling. Boris J receives a lot of attention when he is out and about. Boris J is a full body and head ice white pug with only a tiny section of black on his mouth and nose, this is the closet a pug can be to being a true white which is why is he very rare.Boris J is great with adults, children other dogs and pets. He can be wardrobed too if needed and has no problem modelling outfits or acting scenes.
Bean the Pug

Bean the Pug

Bean is an adorable 6 month old pug. He is all black except a white marking on his chest, which is shaped like a bone. He is very clever and can learn new things quickly. His best trick is high five. Over all he is a lovely little character who is eager to please.