Bijou the German Spitz

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BreedGerman Spitz
GenderBitch (Female)
ColourOrange, brown, some black details, white chin
SizeSmall Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionEngland,Greater London

What I can tell about the little full-time princess is that she is a very bright charakter,
she has a very smart head, she learns incredibly quickly and with pleasure.
At first she is shy about strangers, but she quickly gets used to new people.

What makes Bijou so special is not just her bright nature but also her attention to the environment, she observes and stores everything in her little head, the people around her immediately fall in love with her.

Bijou and I always travel together. She is used to traveling on long train journeys, she is very fixated on me and together we are an unbeatable team.

Bijou had some experience with photo shoots.
We moved from Germany to London in 2019. In Germany, she has already some photo shoots. The photographer took a lot of pictures of her and us together. And also here in London we start photoshootings.

A few months ago Bijou got the role of “Brusier” in the musical legally blonde.
In autumn she will probably be on stage with the Mayhew theater for two small scenes.

Bijou love to learn new tricks.
One of her special trick is “Smile”
(You can enjoy her smile in one of our videos)

We have not enough videos yet, but we will work on it, then we can show you more about the fulltime princess

Enquire about booking this dog


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