Jed the Parson Russell Terrier

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Name Jed
Breed Parson Russell Terrier
Gender Dog (Male)
Colour White
Size Small Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Bedfordshire

He is a very happy jack Russell and loves playing and going on long walks! He loves his other dog friends and will play for hours! He is very good to train and he learns things quickly!


Enquire about booking this dog



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Lady  the English Cocker Spaniel

Lady the English Cocker Spaniel

A Newbie so no bookings as of yet but we get stopped by so many people who say how beautiful she is. Hoping she can get some work for this while in the mean time we will work on her training.
Mustard the Miniature-Dachshund

Mustard the Miniature-Dachshund

Mustard is a lovely little chap that loves cuddles, play and sleep. He is a clever miniature dachshund that promises to make your days brighter and funnier. He is house trained and learning new tricks every day. We are now training him to ring the bell and play dead, and both tricks are coming along really nicely! Mustard is learning new things constantly and is a bundle of joy :)
Hercules the French Bulldog

Hercules the French Bulldog

Hercules is a small French Bulldog - he weighs 9kilos. He has a bright and loving personality, he loves humans and cuddles as well as playing with other dogs. He has done one shoot for an app launching in the UK, there were lots of walking scenes as well as stills.
Jerry the American Cocker Spaniel

Jerry the English Cocker Spaniel

Jerry was born on the 16th of March 2019 - he came to our home on the 19th of May, this is where all the fun started!! Jerry met his big brother Ben who is a Border Collie x Bernese Mountain dog, initially meeting Jerry was still the calm and collected puppy we initially thought we had. WRONG!!! He is absolutely crackers, he loves long walks, tennis balls, trick training & so so so much more. His favourite activity is trying to get Ben to chase him around the garden. Jerry's second favourite hobby is wearing his raincoat etc. he will go and select which one he would like to wear for his walks. After only 3-5 days of having Jerry with us he sharp realised why he was never getting any Ham like his brother (he wouldnt sit still). He sharp learnt to sit still and now even gives you a paw. He is the most loving, fun, energetic / photogenic dog you will EVER meet.
Tommy the Border Collie

Tommy the Border Collie

Tommy is a one of a kind, fun filled, people loving Border Collie X Doberman puppy. He is a very handsome boy, with intelligent eyes and the unusual markings (his owners are stopped daily with people fascinated by his unusual markings!). Tommy's markings resemble those of an African hunting dog, but he couldn't be more different! Tommy craves human attention through fuss, play and training, and is a big softy. Tommy is INCREDIBLY intelligent (probably a little too intelligent for his own good!), he is very receptive to training and wants to constantly please his owners. Tommy's vet even commented that in her entire career she has never met a dog so young with such a high level of intelligence, with his ability to learn instantly, watching and assessing his environment and reacting accordingly.
Winston the Bulldog

Winston the Bulldog

So Winston is a mischevious little diva but he is loved by everyone. Great with children. He is a gorgeous puppy who loves being the centre of attention and has a heart of gold.