Pooches in pools!

It’s not just humans who need to cool down in this hot spell.

Dogs enjoyed a refreshing dip at a fun event at the West Reservoir Centre in Hackney, London.


Bob, a Dachshund, Sammy, a Jack Russell, Joey, a Spaniel and Sterling, a Hungarian Vizsla get set to jump in (Anthony Upton/PA)

swimming dogs

And they’re off, led by Finn, the Golden Retriever (Anthony Upton/PA)

dogs in the pool

Canine aqua specialist Julien Mazurek take Bob for a dip (Anthony Upton/PA)

dachshund loving the water

The event, including swimming races, was organised by dog walkers, Rover.com (Anthony Upton/PA)

dogs swimming race

Sammy, a Jack Russell, shakes off (Anthony Upton/PA)

Jack Russell swimming


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