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Tommy the Border Collie

Tommy the Beauceron

Tommy is a one of a kind, fun filled, people loving Harlequin Beauceron puppy. He is a very handsome boy, with intelligent eyes and absolutely dotes on his owners. Tommy craves human attention through fuss, play and training, and loves exploring new places. Tommy is incredibly friendly with people and dogs, and has many doggy friends he plays with at the park on a daily basis, and at doggy daycare that he attends ones a week. Tommy's favourite places is the seaside where he loves to splash in the waves and dive, jump and roll in the sand. Tommy is INCREDIBLY intelligent (probably a little too intelligent for his own good!), he is very receptive to training. Tommy's vet even commented that in her entire career she has never met a dog so young with such a high level of intelligence, with his ability to learn instantly, watching and assessing his environment and reacting accordingly. Overall, with his larger than life personality, eagerness to please and play, and unstoppable energy, this cheeky chap steals the heart of everyone he meets
Grace the Beauceron

Grace the Beauceron

Grace is the most loving and energetic beauceron ever! She loves people and especially if you have treats for her!