Frank the French Bulldog

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Name Frank
Breed French Bulldog
Gender Dog (Male)
Colour Black and white
Size Medium Dog
Country Spain

Frank is a very loving and kind Frenchie, he loves sitting on anyone’s lap and getting pet. However, he also loves playing with a ball and with the 2 other dogs he lives with. He gets on very well with anyone and everyone as well.


Enquire about booking this dog



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My name is Podrick and I'm a Working Cocker Spaniel from Yorkshire. My name comes from a Game of Thrones character and I am always stopped in the street for greetings. My markings are really unique and have been described like I've been flicked at with a paintbrush! I'm very clever and currently in training. I'm great with sit and paw and I'm learning down, wait, leave it, spin and more. I am an incredibly friendly and happy boy, boisterous and always up for challenge and learning new things. I would love to spread my love and joy on the screen. Please get in touch with my family and we look forward to hearing from you!
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