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Bramble (Maltipoo) the Maltese

Bramble is the sweetest Maltipoo! She is very well behaved, has plenty of tricks up her sleeve, rarely barks and has a lovely temperament. She is a very easy dog, loves cuddles and attention and we can't go anywhere without being stopped multiple times because absolutely everyone wants to say hello to her!

Tindaya the Maltese

Tindaya is a delight of a puppy. She is a happy, sociable four-month Maltipoo. Her mum is a pure white Maltese, and her dad is a toy Poodle Kc registered. She loves socializing with other dogs and people and adores kids! It does take some time to walk her down the park as she draws so much attention. She loves sharing her joy with everyone and saying hello to both dogs and owners. She is really sweet and loves cuddling.
Gracie  the Maltese

Gracie the Maltese

Gracie loves learning new things and playing with her dog friends, she is a very fast learner too. As a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier cross she’s very cute and looks amazing on Camera!!