Surviving-Christmas-Movie 2018

Surviving Christmas Movie

Our wonderful Superstar dogs star in the fantastic new film "SURVIVING CHRISTMAS with the Relatives" starring Gemma Whelan and Julian Ovenden. Watch the trailer...

Portfolio Items

Nima the Tibetan Terrier

Nima's name means sunshine in the Tibetan language and she is true to her name and totally lights up any situation! She is extremely social with welcoming to all she meets. Going for walks with her takes ages as everyone she meets wants to stroke her and she absolutely encourages a tummy rub. At 4.5 months Nima already has several skills including sit, stay, high five (paw) rolling over and playing 'sad' with head dipped when required. Training continues with Nima and we are adding new skills weekly. She's a natural show-off so being in front of camera is the next phase for her.
BILLY  the Tibetan Terrier

Billy the Tibetan Terrier

Billy started life as a show dog. Loves people and travel. He's incredibly calm with all people and animals. Full of character, obedient and learns fast. He's recently completed filming on the soon-to-be released British comedy Surviving Christmas.